South Mountain WildLife Rescue is an animal rescue based in Arizona that offers different ways to engage citizens to protect their local widldlife. We offer classes that educate the public about local endangered species and how they can help protect them. Become a member and help us give our local wildlife the opportunity to thrive! Becoming a member helps citizens become active in their local community! We offer our members volunteer opportunities and allow citizens to adopt a species to help fund conservation efforts.

Upcoming Events

December 15th 2017: South Mountain WildLife Rescue will be visiting local elementary schools to help educate our youth about local species and efforts to keep them safe.
January 30th 2017: Local Walk-A-Thon in Downtown Phoenix! Every mile you walk our sponsors will donate $100 dollars towards conservation efforts.
February 3rd 2017: Art contest! The theme is: The best of Nature. We will be accepting art submissions between Jan-1-2018 and Feb-28-2018. The top 50 art peices will be displayed at the Phoenix Art Museum!