South Mountain WildLife Rescue is an Arizona based animal rescue and conservation group. We focus on locally endangered species that are native to the Arizona landscape. In order to better educate the public about endangered species we visit local schools to give educational seminars. We also offer volunteering opportunities for students who need to complete their school requirements or because they simply want to help out. South Mountain WildLife Rescue also sponsors a yearly Walk-A-Thon in order to raise funds for conservation efforts. There is an entry fee of $20 that participants must pay, which covers the price of a promotional t-shirt and hat. In the spring of every year we also have an art competition and the top 50 art peices are displayed at the Phoenix Art Museum. After they are displayed they are auctioned off and the money is used for local conservation efforts.

Below is an educational video about what Arizona Game and Fish is doing to help secure the future of our local wildlife.